Visit to Sri Lanka with Culture Cafe

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Visit to Sri Lanka with Culture Cafe

Last month, Chathu and Dhanisha took us on a wonderful journey to Sri Lanka through the Culture Cafe program at the Gladstone Regional Libraries.

We learned Sri Lanka is known by many names, including “Ceylon” (its former name) and “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” due to its waterdrop-like shape and its location in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a major exporter of fabrics and tea. It celebrates 25 public holidays and is home to numerous Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu temples, adding to its rich cultural tapestry.

The Sri Lankan women delighted the audience by presenting their exquisite traditional attire. They also brought Sri Lankan lanterns to add vibrancy to the venue!

They generously shared an array of authentic Sri Lankan delicacies including Watalappam, Kokis, Patties, Kiribath (milk rice) with Lunu Miris chili, and Coconut and Milk Toffee.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and a special thank you to Chathu, Dhanisha, and the other Sri Lankan ladies for generously sharing their rich culture with us.

See you all again in August!

Our Culture Cafe is made possible with funding from Australia Post, and our partnership with the Gladstone Regional Libraries and Friends of the Library.

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