The Flourish Festival

The Flourish Festival celebrates community and culture through the arts. Our diverse and creative program has something for everyone with large-scale community art projects, cultural fashion parades, dances and performances, art exhibitions and workshops, multicultural food, live music, photography competitions and more.

The Flourish Festival is all about showcasing our pride in our multicultural community – who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we now share together. We believe art and culture are at the heart of diverse communities, and are powerful tools for creating social connections, boosting economic growth, and shaping a strong, healthy region.

The Flourish Festival 2023: Biloela & Gladstone

In 2023, the Flourish Festival was held as two stand-alone events in Biloela (June 18) and Gladstone (July 22).

The Flourish Festivals are designed to allow the community to show how they flourish in their region through their own creativity. By displaying different facets of the arts including live music, fashion parades, interactive art activities and art exhibitions, we can show how multiculturalism goes throughout the whole community and people lives.

The Flourish Festival is a community-led multicultural arts festival featuring dance, music, fashion, and artistic and visual displays. The philosophy and context underpinning this community-based multi-cultural artwork initiative is the value it brings to the intercultural wellbeing of the Central Queensland community. At Integreat Queensland, we believe art and culture is intrinsic to creating a diverse community and are powerful tools to facilitate social connections, economic growth, and stronger healthy communities. 

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