Integreat Gets Strategic!

Integreat QLD Strategic Planning Workshop Community Gladstone

Two weeks ago, our board of directors and our team attended Strategic Planning Workshops to strengthen our commitment to our vision, mission and values.

Anton of Guinea Group guided the Integreat Team through these in detail, ensuring our understanding. He highlighted the work accomplished by our board members over the weekend as they looked over the accomplishments, challenges and future goals of our organisation.

After some lively moments of shared information from the team members to break the ice, Anton asked us to share how we see ourselves contributing over the next year with our organisation’s goals in mind. Some excellent ideas sprouted as we shared these with the group and we look forward to implementing some exciting plans soon!

Our General Manager, Charmaine, reflected on the outcomes of these workshops.

“Following on from the Integreat Board Strategic Planning Day on Saturday 25 May, last Wednesday’s workshop with Anton from Guinea Group was beneficial for the Integreat team. We learned more about each other as individuals and clarified our roles within the organisation. We revisited our previous strategic planning goals and committed as an organisation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that Integreat has an important role to play in their achievement.

The friendly competition between the two groups was lots of fun as we worked to create a tower from marshmallows and spaghetti. The teamwork and communication required were paramount to our success!”

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