Kind donation from Zonta Gladstone could save lives.

Integreat Queensland was delighted to receive a kind donation from Zonta Gladstone to help us highlight services available to women impacted by Domestic and Family Violence.

President of Zonta Gladstone Margearet Esdale said Zonta Gladstone is part of Zonta International, a worldwide organisation with the goal to build a better world for women and girls.

“Zonta Gladstone facilitate a number of initiatives to help women and girls in our community,” Margearet said.

“We raise money for scholarships and for birthing kits for women in developing countries including breast cushions for local women who have had a mastectomy. There are a lot of projects that we have under our belt including for women effected by Domestic and Family Violence.

“In November and December, we run an advocacy project with 16 days of activism which is advocating to raise awareness and reduce Domestic and Family Violence against women and girls.

“We believe if more people know how and where to get help, it will hopefully go towards tacking this very important issue.”

Zonta Gladstone kindly donated $433 towards Integreat Queensland projects targeted at Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, Domestic and Family Violence.

Integreat Queensland Program Coordinator Esther Arzolay-Martinez thanked Zonta Gladstone for the kind donation and said the funds will assist in highlighting Domestic and Family Violence services for women in central Queensland.

“Integreat Queensland run a number of initiatives focused on those affected by Domestic and Family Violence,” she said.

“From our programs like SisterLife Circle, Safer Pathways, and A Mother’s Journey, to specific initiatives like how to recognise employees affected by Domestic and Family Violence in the workplace.

“For some people it may only be a small amount of money donated by Zonta Gladstone however, it only takes a little bit of support to assist and even save lives of women and families who are experiencing Domestic and Family Violence.”

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