Healing Men’s Minds.

Those who feel they need to be strong for others at whatever cost to themselves are most at risk of becoming depressed. And when depression takes a hold, suicidal thoughts may develop. Men often find it embarrassing to talk about how they feel. Especially when they don’t see themselves as being ‘strong enough’. After all, aren’t they supposed to be the ‘strong’ gender?

A national study by not-for-profit the Black Dog Institute has found men are more likely to discuss suicidal thinking with trusted acquaintances like family, friends, or partners rather than health clinicians.

Based in Agnes Waters, the Outback Mind Foundation supports regional men around Queensland to reduce the risk of mental health challenges and acts of domestic violence and help men to overcome isolation with the aim of creating more conscious, connected, emotionally aware communities.

In collaboration with Free Flow Films, the Outback Mind Foundation have created a short film titled, Healing Men’s Minds. Due for release in September, the film concentrates on brave men sharing their stories and to highlight how there is a better way to go through life if they have the tools and support to do so.

For a short preview of Healing Men’s Minds, connect here to view and book your seat at the Gladstone Cinemas on September 1st, connect here now.

Healing Men’s Minds: A film highlighting men sharing their stories.

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