Volunteering: A formula for help and happiness.

Volunteering is one of those activities that many of us know we should do.

It’s crucial to the operation of many charities, community groups, and not-for-profits; it can be a lifeline for the most disadvantaged members of our society; and — according to numerous studies — it actually boosts the health, happiness, and life satisfaction levels of the giver, not just the recipient.

So why should we care? There are a couple of important reasons. First, there are not enough paid staff to address all the needs of our community. Second, the well-being of people is positively impacted when they volunteer. In other words, we all win. It’s as simple as that.

What does organisations like Integreat Queensland get? It runs! It can accomplish its mission. It has the people it needs to do the necessary work and provide its services to those who could not otherwise access them.

At Integreat Queensland, the support we receive from volunteers is extremely valuable. Most of all however, we try to ensure that all of our volunteers are contributing in a way that supports their own future development either personally, via work opportunities, or their own goals.

Our goal at Integreat Queensland is to open up opportunities for everyone from everywhere to get involved, feel welcome, learn new things, and contribute to a strong, thriving local community. There are many ways you can help us through volunteering from assisting us with our programs to our events but most importantly, helping us to help you build a great future for everyone.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Integreat Queensland we would love to hear from you. For more information, please phone 4903 1931 or email: admin@integreatqld.org.au

Assisting Others: Volunteering can boost your health, happiness, and life satisfaction levels.

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