Elmira’s passion for design inspires artistic installation.

With only a few weeks away until Integreat Queensland reveals the ‘Ignite Community Art – A multicultural mobile art installation’ project, we are proud to introduce the designer and project manager Elmira Esfahani and give you a small glimpse of the project design (B&W pic) by Elmira.

Elmira is a registered architect based in Gladstone since 2015. She believes architecture and design is an investment in the act of living of those who live within it, walk past it, and create it. Elmira admires good designs and creates unique and fresh designs, yet somehow familiar, in a way that feels right, but they could never be predicted. She achieves this in the form of unique design, through a filter of beauty, layered attention, and knowledge through an incredible journey in her client’s projects. Her creative thinking, visualizing and problem-solving skills result in comprehensive designs, from architecture to public artworks, and installations. Elmira’s international experience lets her see the design from different angles and provide solutions. She also gained experience internationally as an Architect from 2010 to 2015 in the Middle east (Iran).

The project brief for Elmira was Ignite Community Art- a multi-cultural art installation made by community members. For achieving this brief, the idea was to show unity in diversity. Showing diversity among communities and people with different skill sets, cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets; and how a society is beautifully shaped based on this. Elmira said it is an excellent opportunity to be part of the Ignite Community Art project and fantastic to see the excitement among participants and artists involved.

“I designed the project in the form of a unique art piece made up of small pieces/parts that each has its own stories. These small parts are distinguished in three levels. The first level is the statue or the overall mass,” Elmira said.

“As we zoom in, the second level is five primary art formats: resin, paint, sculpture (recycling material), glass, and perspex. And finally, the third level is each individual artwork done by community members. I believe art is the common language among people. That everyone can see and interpret art.

“It’s always nice to have reminders around us in different formats; To remind us of a matter and a social impact in our community. This mobile art installation and its display in various events and locations continuously ignite its audiences of the beauty in diversity.”

The Ignite Community Art project is more than art – it’s the story of people from all over the world who now call our wonderful region their home. The story is told through their art to be fashioned to an architectural designed mobile art installation which will ultimately travel throughout Central Queensland and be available for festivals, events, and local exhibitions.

The ‘Ignite Community Art – A multi-cultural mobile art installation’ will be unveiled at Integreat Queensland’s Flourish Festival on May 28th and then made available for other festivals, events, and local exhibitions, throughout Central Queensland.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts Festivals Australia Program.

The design of the Ignite Community Art – A multi-cultural mobile art installation. All of the artworks created by community participants will be fashioned to the steel framework which will be fitted to a trailer and travel throughout Central Queensland available at festivals, events, and local exhibitions.

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