Building a community is as important as finding a job

The success of Integreat Queensland’s Get Work Ready program is exactly what the name suggests – to help migrant women get ready for work but most importantly, to assist them in securing work.

At Integreat Queensland, we have several programs to help migrants Integrate into our community however, it’s extremely important that those programs work and for our Get Work Ready program, which is designed to support migrant women to boost their employability and transition to employment, much of that success depends on local employers.

One such employer, Tim O’Brien from Jobs In Central Queensland, recognised the value of the Get Work Ready program and said when he first learned about the initiative, he could see the significant benefits it could deliver to local businesses and the wider community.

“If a business is able to offer a work placement to one of the Get Work Ready participants, I would strongly recommend they get involved as there is no direct cost to their business to host a work placement,” Tim said.

“With the current skills shortage, many businesses are struggling to find motivated workers.  What the Get Work Ready program has demonstrated is there are skilled migrants already living in our region who are highly capable, ready, and willing to step in.”

The Get Work Ready program assist participants to learn workplace English and communication and interview skills including resume and cover letter writing as well as their rights and responsibilities at work, and Australian workplace culture. Once they have gone through the course, Integreat Queensland helps them find a work placement with a local employer.

Tim O’Brien’s work placement for Jobs In Central Queensland was Noha Fakhry who came to Australia with her family from Egypt in 2018. Even though Noha had strong experience as a Cost Control Accountant and Assistant Manager, including the Australian qualification of Cert III in Business Administration, she could still not find work.

“When I met Noha she really impressed me with her skills, enthusiasm, and motivation,” Tim said.

“Initially, I offered Noha a work experience placement but after a couple of weeks’ work, I was so impressed with her results and the impact Noha was having on the business, I offered her a permanent part-time role.”

Ultimately, our Get Work Ready program is about empowering migrant women to take control of their future by not only finding work, but by building their relationships and connections within the local community. Noha said since joining Jobs In Central Queensland, she feels she is making a difference in the community.

“Every day I learn new things, join great events, increase my network, make new friends, and build on my experience,” she said.

“I’m very happy because I achieved one of my important goals since I came here. I left everything in my home country and came here to start from the beginning. Now I have a good balance in my life and my family are so proud of me. I’m very grateful to everyone who supported me during my journey.”

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